BASIC Gelato Class – 1 Day 2 December 2019


BASIC Gelato Class – 1 Day 2 December 2019

฿6,000.00 ฿4,800.00

คอร์สเรียนทำไอศครีมเจลาโต้ของเรามุ่งเน้นให้นักเรียนทำไอศครีมเพื่อไปประกอบกิจการส่วนตัว แม้นักเรียนไม่เคยมีพื้นฐานทำหรือความรู้เเกี่ยวกับไอศครีม ก็สามารถเข้าเรียนได้

Approaching Artisan Gelato Business, the general introduction to Gelato and Ice Cream business opportunities

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Who should attend this course:

Whoever interested to open or invest into Gelato Parlor, Gelato or Ice Cream Production, and related products such as Gelato Desserts, Frappès, Gelato cakes, in a “business oriented” vision.

Potential Investors, Entrepreneurs, Gelato Lovers, people interested to get information about business opportunities in Artisan Gelato business

Course Topics:

  • Ice Cream, Artisan Gelato, Sherbets: What do they are?
  • How are they made: Consumers expectations, Customer satisfaction.
  • Rules and Regulations: Ingredients, Composition, Calories, Nutrition Facts
  • Production Techniques
  • Preparation of Artisan Gelato in different Flavour Recipes, as well as Fruit Sherbets
  • Investments, Costs, Return Of Investment (R.O.I.) 

What Includes:

• Coffee & Lunch Breaks,
• Certificate of Participation
• 1 Apron
• Basic Class Knowledge Kit
• 5% Discount Bonus, on the first Purchase at GelatoGuru or LucaMari Co Ltd